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'I seek refuge in Allah (S.W.A) for us, for our readers, the site, and for all muslims from the evil shaitan, the rejected, the accursed. In the Name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.'
Welcome to Muslim Teen Chat! The aim of this site is to explore the purpose of life.The site will try to answer questions such as 'Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here, and is there something more beyond this earthly life?'  Our mission is to acquire an understanding, an appreciation, and a conviction in the beliefs of Al- Islam. Our goal is to improve ourselves and become Muslims out of an informed choice. The theory behind the site is: The more we talk about our religion, the more knowledge we will generate and learn comfortably and the more understanding we will acquire all of which will eventually give way to appreciation of and conviction about our deen, Al- Islam, and insha-Allah to genuine obedience to, worship of and service to Allah (S.W.A).  
 This is a site beneficial to preteens, teens and young adults of all walks of life. The site has a 'Lessons' page, a 'Questions & Answers' (FAQ) page and a link to our message board.
Come join us as we explore the purpose of our lives!
Why The Site is called Muslim Teen Chat
We believe that knowledge actively acquired is more often put to practice than knowledge passively acquired. Therefore, we are going do alot of discussing-chatting. Hence the name, Muslim Teen Chat.
Note: There is no actual chat room but we do have an active message board!
About the Advertisements
As of now, the advertisements are not put up by us but by That is because the site is FREE. Don't worry, ignore them for now! We are soon going to have the domain name paid for so the advertisements will go away.
How to Interact
All contributions, questions and answers posted on the message board are respected by the site. Please be polite not to hurt any contributor's feelings - they are young people!


Explore the Purpose of Man with us!