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'Allo Ladiez 'n' Gentlemen,
Here is the thing...


We were born to die
There’s nothing after death
There’s really no point to life – It doesn’t go anywhere
Well not Really – there is the ground. 6 feet under…




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Lesson One: The Purpose of Life

Lesson Three: Nature of Obedience  

Lesson Fourteen: Direct Obedience (Part VII) 

Lesson Fifteen: Direct Obedience (Part VIII)  

Lesson Sixteen: Direct Obedience (Part IX)  

Lesson Seventeen: Direct Obedience (Part X)

Lesson Eighteen: An Intermission

Lesson Nineteen: Indirect Obedience(Part I) 

Lesson Twenty: Indirect Obedience (Part II ) 

Lesson Twenty Three: Indirect Obedience ( part II C)

Lesson Twenty Four: Indirect Obedience (Part II D) 

Lesson Twenty Five: Indirect Obedience (Part II E)

Lesson Twenty Eight: Indirect Obedience ( Part II G)

Lesson Thirty- Two : Indirect Obedience ( Part III)cntnd
Lesson Thirty - Three: Obstacles To Obedience
Lesson Thirty -Four: Obstacles To Obedience (Part I) cntd.

              Lesson Thirty-Six: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part I ) cntnd

              Lesson Thirty- Seven: Obstacles To Obedience ( Part I ) cntnd

             Lesson Thirty-Eight: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part II )

             Lesson Thirty - nine: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part II) cntnd

            Lesson Forty: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part II ) 

Lesson Forty - one: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part III )

Lesson Forty - two: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part III ) CNTND

Lesson Fourty - three: Obstacles to Obedience ( Part III ) CNTND

Lesson Forty-four: Obstacles to Obedience (PartIIIA)cntnd

Lesson Forty - five: Obstacles to Obedience (Part IIIB)

Lesson Forty - six: Obstacles to Obedience (Part IIIB) ctd.

Lesson Forty - seven: Obstacles to Obedience (Part IIIB) ctd

Lesson Forty - eight: Obstacles to Obedience (Part IIIB) ctnd.

Lesson Forty - nine: Obstacles to Obedience (Part IIIB)ctnd

Lesson Fifty: Obstacles to Obediece (Part IIIB) CNTD