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Lesson Twenty Three: Indirect Obedience ( Part II) C
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The Message of the Holy Book May Remain Locked in its Pages

      Example 3 – The Mall Culture

 We must eye the mall culture without blinking. A market place is a place for buying or selling things. Markets are often crowded and noisy places where people of all backgrounds mingle. A person who has no business buying or selling anything, would certainly have no business in the market place. The market place is certainly no place for pastime. Malls are market places with enclosures and air-conditioning. Malls are modernized market places with improved security for the people. Nonetheless, malls, like market places, are centers that facilitate moral decay. Malls must be visited with a firm purpose in mind. The purpose may be a game of bowling, a dinner, or buying something. Anyone who desires chastity must not go to malls to loiter. I am afraid; malls are very popular places for us nowadays to spend our free time.

      As believers, we must give serious thought to the precious time we burn loitering in malls, plus the negative influences that we could  acquire from there.