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Lesson Nineteen: Indirect Obedience
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Lesson Nineteen
Obedience To The Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W)


In Indirect obedience to Allah (S.W.A), believers must obey the prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W), and this is why according to the Holy Qura'n. Allah (S.W.A) speaks:

“Oh prophet! Truly we have sent you as a witness, a bearer of glad-tidings, and a Warner. (33:45)”

“And as one who invites to Allah’s (Grace) by his leave, and as a lamp spreading light (33:46).”

“Then give the glad-tidings to the believers that they shall have from Allah a very great bounty (33:47).”

“And obey not (the behests) of the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and heed not their annoyances, but put your trust in Allah. For enough is Allah as a disposer of affairs (33:48)”

We should obey the prophet’s hadith, without discrimination, and the Qur’an except where it  is specified as pertaining to the prophet only.  It is safe to follow the prophet’s example wholeheartedly.  Allah (S.W.A) perfected the prophet’s character, and it is most pleasing to Him. Allah (S.W.A) speaks:

“You have indeed in the messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern ( of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the final day and who engages much in the praise of Allah (S.W.A) (33:21)”

In obedience to Allah (S.W.A) nothing must stand in the way of believers. This includes the Prophet himself. Allah (S.W.A) speaks:

“There can be no difficulty to the prophet in what Allah has indicated to him as a duty: it was the practice(aproved) by Allah among those of old that have passed away, and the command of Allah is a decree determined (33:38)”

“(It is the practice of those), who preach the message of Allah , and fear Him, and fear none but Allah. And enough is Allah to call (men) to account (33:39).”

This is real obedience. We have to obey despite external factors or ourselves. In the end, to Allah (S.W.A) is the end of all journeys – including our own. It will indeed be a great loss if we fail to serve Allah (S.W.A) because of fear of the inconvenience we may face doing so in this world.  However, are a few years of comfort in hiding worthy the sacrifice of the everlasting hereafter? Anything done in disobedience to Allah (S.W.A) and His Prophet is taking  a wrong path. Allah (S.W.A) speaks:

“It is not fitting for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and his messenger, to have any opinion about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah, and his messenger, he is indeed clearly on a wrong path (33:36)”

The right path and the only way to true success, in this world and in the hereafter, is to obey Allah (S.W.A) and His messenger. Allah (S.W.A) speaks:

“Oh you who believe! Fear Allah and (always) say the word directed to the right (33:70)”

“That He may make your conduct whole and sound, and forgive you your sins: He that obeys Allah and his messenger, has already attained the highest achievement (33:71)”

“We (Allah) did indeed offer the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man took it – he was indeed unjust and foolish – (33:72)”

“(With the result) that Allah has to punish the hypocrites, men and women, and the unbelievers, men and women, and Allah turns in mercy to the believers, men and women: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (33:73)”

So my dear brothers and sisters, we have no choice. We can not get out of our covenanted word to obey Allah (S.W.A). Even if we have the choice to do otherwise, the otherwise is very, very bad news. May Allah(S.W.A) strengthen our wills to hold on tightly to the obedience of Him and His Messanger, Muhammad (S.A.W), amin.