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Lesson Thirty - four: Obstacles To Obedience

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Gray Areas and Obedience.

Constant Reading of Al-Qur'an Minimizes Gray Areas

As a precedence we must approach reading the Holy Qur’an with an open mind. We must be impartial, and not at all  judgmental. Before we read Al-Qur’an, we have to ask Allah (S.W.A) to protect us from diverting thoughts and negative thoughts that may keep us away from His message. So Allah (S.W.A) recommends:

When you do read the Qur'an, seek Allah’s protection from the Shaitan- the rejected one (16:98).


No authority has he over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord (16:99)

His authority is over those only who take him as patron and who join partners with Allah (16:100).”

Without Allah (S.W.A)’s protection and help for us, we would all succumb to shaitan’s evil ways. Satan is very strong and overwhelming in his tactics to win man over to his side. Man is very weak and no match at all for Shaitan. Man’s only refuge is with his creator- Allah (S.W.A).

Hence, if we are constant in reading the Holy Qur’an, it will automatically become the guiding light of our lives. One hadith says that the Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W), was a walking Qur’an. Surely this was very true and possible because since he knew and practiced the book’s lessons, his life became an exhibition of the message the book carried. This is possible for us, too. We may not reach the degree or level at which the prophet practiced the word of God, but any little endeavor to read, learn and practice the lessons of the Holy book, will lead us to a more harmonious and a sweet life with clear objectives and purpose.

The Holy Qur’an is a book you can read and its lessons practice without fearing any negative consequences. This book will remain  a practical  guide for humanity for ever. It is a book for all times. Millions of people have lived by the Qur’anic lessons and have benefited from its great wisdom right here on earth. People who discipline themselves and live by the Holy Qur’an always find life stable, fulfilling and happy. They normally live contentedly. Let us emulate these people. Let us live by the lessons of the Holy Qur’an and a happy life is a guarantee for us – a life without fear or worry or confusion. It is a promise to us binding to Allah (S.W.A). He speaks:

“We said: ‘Get you down all from here’: And if, as is true, there comes to you guidance from me, whosoever follows my guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve (2:38)

This verse talks about the time when Allah (S.W.A) evicted our father, Prophet Adam (A.S), and our mother, Hawa (A.S.), from paradise. Nevertheless, if we live by Allah (S.W.A)’s guidance today, as is in the Holy Qur’an, we will not only be happy here on earth (our new home), but Allah (S.W.A) will return to us our old home (paradise). Here is confirmation:

“To the righteous, (when) it is said, ‘What is it that your Lord has revealed?’ they say ‘All that is good’. To those who do good, there is good in this world and the home of the hereafter is even better, and excellent indeed is the home of the righteous (16:30) – gardens of eternity which they will enter: beneath them flow (pleasant) rivers: they will have therein all that they wish. Thus does Allah reward the righteous (16:31)

Those whose lives the angels take in a state of purity, saying (to them) ‘Peace be on you; enter you the garden, because of (the good) which you did.’

It can surely be us the verses above describe; that is if we choose to live a life guided by the holy book- Al Qur'an.


To Be Continued